Our Story



Hi all, my name is Jill. Ever since I can remember, spending time at my grandparents farm in central Kansas was my absolute favorite pastime. Helping my Grandpa and Dad load hay bails (actually I got to drive the old truck and at a VERY young age, I might add!), learning how to make my Grandma Rose’s secret crust for her apple pie, but most importantly, my brothers and I rummaging around the barns and old chicken coops until we heard my moms whistle letting us know supper was ready! Back then I didn’t keep a lot of those treasures, but now, glancing around my home, in every corner there’s reminders of the Dietz farm. 
In 1998, I married my high school sweetheart Ty, and by 2003 we had Alexa and Hunter. Having our own home (and easy access to Garden Ridge), I quickly learned my style of decor.  I adored seeing my Granny’s old dance picture on the mantle but I also loved some of those newer rustic/farmhouse pieces right next to it! Hey, it’s not the 20th century, we don’t have to have everything matchy, matchy!
By 2008, I was itching for adult time so I started working at The Living Stone (a super cute, local boutique), and the owner Sherry completely took me under her wing. I am so incredibly thankful for her because when 2014 came around it was time to take that leap of faith. Well, we just dipped our toes in the shallow end!  
Rustic Blessings began in 2014 in the basement of our home in Oak Grove, MO.  We had open houses once a month which brought in friends of friends and family, and we also “sold” on Facebook.  We decided to go a little bigger and move into a booth at a local antique mall and things definitely picked up! By 2016, I opened my first storefront in downtown Oak Grove. By 2018, we needed more space, so we moved a block away to where we are today!
Rustic Blessings is a place to come visit and feel welcomed the second you walk in the door. You will find vintage inspired pieces mixed with farmhouse in our home section.  In our kitchen area, you’ll find everything from coffee and tea to bar and glassware to easy appetizers and locally made goods. Look around and you’ll also see a bath & body section that smells like a spa! Walk in further and you’ll find a charcuterie table filled with the most fun gifts for everyone!  And don’t forget our fabulous jewelry, unique handbags and clothing!
New products are added weekly so the store is ever changing!  I hope you come and visit soon, and while you’re here, have a chat with Dolly! If Missouri is just too far away, happy scrolling!